"I had a Botox treatment with Dr. Lien Luu and I am very happy with the outcome. Dr. Luu took the time to go over the treatment and was very informative as to what to expect during the treatment and after. Dr. Luu even took the time to follow up with me a few days later to ensure that I was happy with the outcome of the procedure. I will highly recommend Dr. Lien Luu and Custom Remedies for providing exceptional services!"

Karine E., 2017

"The Clean Start Weight loss program helped me lose 32 lbs in 40 days with no exercise!! The HCG daily injections were easy and painless. I didn't feel hungry and now i'm able to enjoy a variety of different foods. I even lost another 4 lbs during the maintenance phase with no HCG injections. I look and feel great. My friends and family are impressed by how it seemed so quick and easy to lose this weight. I highly recommend Dr. Luu and Custom Remedies Pharmacy who helped me reach my weight loss goals. Thank you Dr. Luu and Custom Remedies Pharmacy, I could not have done it without you!"

Judy C., 2017

"I inquired about "The Clean Start Weight Loss Program" and started it with Dr. Luu through Custom Remedies Pharmacy. This program changed my life and probably saved it. I lost 30lbs in 40 days and I'm consistently losing 4lbs a week on the maintenance phase of the program. It's a complete lifestyle change for me. I eat healthier now than ever. Custom Remedies Pharmacy staff supported me and had answers to all of my questions through the entire program. I looked forward to every week to the day of my appt. to find out how much weight I had lost. It was very motivating. I'm forever grateful to Dr. Luu and everyone at Custom Remedies Pharmacy."

M.S., 2017