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Kipling & 7 Pharmacy is committed to providing personalized care to each customer

At Kipling & 7 Pharmacy, you will find our team of dedicated professionals who will cater to your personalized health needs. We are committed to offering you the best care with traditional pharmacy services along with specialty compounding. We will work with your physician to provide custom tailored medications based on your individual needs.
Custom Kipling & 7 Pharmacy offers travel vaccines and detailed consultations with our experienced medical doctor. We will help protect you against harmful infections, and make your trip worry-free. We also offer a successfully proven, medically supervised weight loss program. Our licensed physician will provide comprehensive support that will reset your appetite and metabolism to create your new normal weight.
Come to Kipling & 7 Pharmacy Pharmacy and experience a caring individualized approach to finding the optimal health solutions for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is “To improve the health and wellness of our clients with high-quality products, services, and advice; each tailored to their individual needs.”

Our Vision

Our vision is "To build a company that appreciates and fulfills the product and service needs of our community; one client at a time."

Our Team

  • Joseph Fan, BScPhm

    Joseph has been helping patients as a pharmacist in the community since 1995. His care and attention to their…

  • Dr. Lien Luu, MD

    Dr. Lien Luu is a medical doctor who graduated from the University of Toronto and received her family medicine…